Sales and Marketing Counsel
Worried about making your numbers?  Feeling as if you're losing the "better candidates" to competitors?  Challenged by marketing and advertising?  Seeking new markets?  Wondering how to "go global?"  Feeling as if your business is shifting, and you don't know where to turn?

We build powerful strategies and plans or programs designed to get you back on course.  Most importantly, we inform you what your growth inhibitors are -- those elements "outside of standard sales and marketing tactics" that are prohibiting positive growth.  If you don't need a better marketing plan or sales plan -- but you need stronger operations support or better internal communications -- we'll be the first to tell you and lead you the new way.  

Executive Development and Leadership Coaching
For many CEO's we are the "first phone call they make" when faced with a new or ongoing challange.  Yet mentoring isn't reserved only for CEO's.   We offer customized training for other executives that are needing to shore up skills for a new role, or have a stumbling block in their skill set that needs to be addressed.

If "turf wars" are troubling your organization, cross-cultural training may also provide more continuity of management across your organization -- and provide stronger results. We can provide positive corporate culture change and reengineering change projects at the organizational level.

Conceptual Development
When you are pursuing a new franchise or business idea, you have many alternatives.  Since 1978, our professionals have been internationally recognized expansion specialists.  From concept to completion we can handle every detail of expanding the business or idea.  Basic services to start-up ventures or established systems include:

analyzing and/or investigating the business concept
planning the program
creating the UFOC
writing the franchise agreement
creating operations manuals
developing sales and marketing materials
marketing the franchise
advising/assisting during growth phase
developing additional profit centers
special projects upon request